Rebit: A new way to send money at the speed of bits!

The best place for migrants living in Aotearoa New Zealand to send money to their loved ones. Get the fair exchange rate you deserve and transfer with a few simple clicks.

New Zealand flag New Zealand 1 NZD
AF flag Afghanistan - USD 0.609 USD
AU flag Australia 0.8742 AUD
IN flag India 50.159 INR
IQ flag Iraq - USD 0.606 USD
IQ flag Iraq 880 IQD
TR flag Turkey - USD 0.618 USD
TR flag Turkey 10.4943 TRY
VN flag Vietnam 14646 VND
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At Rebit we believe cross-border money transfers should be affordable and easy for communities. We utilize advanced technologies based on digital currencies to transfer your funds instantly. But we handle the complex stuff under the hood for you. So focus on your digits and leave the rest to us. Our trading engine finds the best offers every minute and converts your money at a great rate close to the mid-market rates.

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Sign up using your email and password. No details are needed to enter. Use your friend's referral code to get a zero-fee transfer. Have a look around; check our rates! 🤑

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Digital identification is made easy. Send a photo of your ID. Take a selfie. Done! It's a one-time process.

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Select the amount and currency. Get the latest rate and payable amounts.

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Insert your recipient's details before or during submitting your order. Whether it's IBAN, Account number or Mobile Payments, we're adding new methods for different countries.

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Check the history of your transfer. Receive email notifications for important updates.

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